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Out Investors is a global network for LGBT+ investment professionals

Out Investors ('OI') is a global organization that was founded with the mission to make the direct investing industry more welcoming for LGBT+ individuals. We run events and programs involving LGBT+ investment professionals and investment adjacent roles such as portfolio value creation, fund management and investor relations.

The OI network operates through local chapters in major financial city centers and is formed in partnership with investment organizations. Current chapters include New York, London, Toronto and San Francisco. The role of these chapters is to foster community, hold networking events and facilitate mentorship in the industry.
There are over 80 partner investment organizations in the OI network spanning private equity, hedge funds, venture capital and other asset managers. These organizations support the network by sponsoring OI events and making the network available for their LGBT+ employees.

While LGBT+ networks exist informally today, we believe we can connect more people and have a greater impact through a structured approach that is directly supported by investment firms. 

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